On September 23, 2019 the City’s Landmarks Board met to hear public comments about the proposed CCA project. UBA and community members were there to voice our opinions about the historic and cultural legacy of CCA and its 4.5 acres. In addition the Oakland Heritage Alliance addressed the importance of the landmark status of the buildings, trees, and CCC campus to Oakland and California. The Landmarks Board in turn commented on their take on the project and echoed some of our concerns.

Next, the Oakland Planning Commission met on October 16, 2019 regarding the scope of the anticipated Environmental Impact review Report (EIR). UBA and community attended with approximately 70 people providing input on the specific subjects that should be studied in the EIR process. In addition, many letters were sent to the Planning Commission and are now made public on the City’s website. In the first batch of 87 letters sent on this issue, an astounding 77 were opposed to the project as it now stands; only 10 letters called for approval. More letters were sent before the public comment period ended on October 18.

Thanks to you all for your very articulate letters. We will keep you up to date as things move along.


Asking for your help in preserving Oakland

Dear Neighbors,

With your support we have worked diligently to express to the Planning Commission and Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board the deep concerns many of us have about the proposed tower and development at the CCA site. We will continue our efforts with council members and other officials, and will keep you informed at each step of the process.

The twelve member Steering Committee of the UBA has covered costs of printing, web site host, mailing service, etc., out of pocket. Putting up a booth at Rockridge Out and About was expensive, but it netted us many new followers.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 which will enable us to construct architectural models and 3D visualizations and buy a better web site host. A generous neighbor has offered a $500 matching grant.

Will you help us by sending a donation of whatever size to Upper Broadway Advocates, 5253 College Avenue, Oakland CA, 94618? Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card or PayPal payments at this time. Please make your check payable to Upper Broadway Advocates. We will maintain accountability for all donations and expenditures.

These donations are NOT tax-deductible but will win you the gratitude of all who want a better, smarter, more affordable development at CCA. We also need more volunteers to distribute flyers, plan community meetings, contact neighbors and neighborhood organizations, do research, maintain our MailChimp service, and much more. Send an email to UBAOakland@gmail.com and let us know your interests.

Many thanks, UBA Steering Committee:

Kirk Peterson, Chair

Helen Brainerd

Janis Brewer

Nicole Chapman

Leslie Correll

Joe Johnston

Nicole Lazzaro

Jennifer McElrath

Nancy Morton

Abby Pollak

Kurt Scherer

Myrna Walton

Upper Broadway Advocates, ubaoakland@gmail.com UBAoakland.org